Introducing "Desert Snow." This is no snow cone, its gourmet! Home of the authentic, gourmet shave ice.

Shaved Ice Snow Cone
• Shaved From a Block of Ice • Crushed From Bagged Ice Cubes
• Ice is Fluffy and Melts in Your Mouth • Ice is Crunchy and Requires Chewing
• Absorbs Flavor, Top to Bottom • Flavor Runs to the Bottom of the Cup
• Served with a Spoon... No Straw Needed • Usually Served with a Straw
• Offered with 20 or More Flavors • Offered with a Limited Number of Flavors

No corners cut here, we will accept nothing short of gourmet. Our flavors are like no other. A unique blend of ingredients that will make your mouth water.

• Bahama Mama • Cotton Candy • Pineapple
• Banana • Dreamsycle • Root Beer
• Black Cherry • Grape • Strawberry
• Blue Hawaiian • Green Apple • Sugar-Free Strawberry
• Blue Raspberry • Lemon Lime • Sugar-Free Watermelon
• Blueberry • Lime • Tiger's Blood
• Bubble Gum • Orange • Vanilla
• Cherry • Peach • Watermelon
• Coconut • Pina Colada • Wild Cherry

Birthdays are a lot of fun and we'd love to be a part of yours. Have us come out and we'll pull up curb side and serve you and your guests a sweeter treat than cake. We will serve unlimited shaved ice with an array of flavors.

Corporate Events
Desert Snow Shaved Ice is the perfect concept for your next corporate event. We can accommodate small and large corporate functions, such as meetings, achievements, team building activities and more. The size of group doesn't matter; we can serve as many, or little, as needed.

Private Parties
Weddings, retirements, anniversaries, graduations and house warming parties are all momentous occasions; make them that much more memorable by serving gourmet shaved ice to each of your guests. Invite Desert Snow Shaved Ice to your next celebration and enjoy unlimited shaved ice in a variety of flavors.

If it weren't for the communities and people we serve, Desert Snow Shaved Ice would not be around. So whenever we have the chance we like to give back to those communities. Desert Snow will serve our full menu which includes, 4 sizes of shaved ice in 26 flavors and your cause could receive up to 30% of gross income. The industry standard is 10-20% of NET sales.

Special Events
Desert Snow Shaved Ice caters to special events; carnivals, community outreach, festivals and fairs. Desert Snow will serve our full menu which includes, 4 sizes of shaved ice in 26 flavors. We're fast, efficient and friendly and we would love to be at your next special event.

If you have further questions about any of our services, would like a quote, or to book your event, contact us today.


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